Miniature art

Food themed art

Shown below are a few of the boxes I have completed recently. Each one is filled with handmade miniature polymer clay food. I make each cake, sandwich, savoury and sweet product with great attention to detail before adding other dolls house miniatures and placing in a frame. 

The general scale of these items is one inch to one foot which is standard dolls house size, although sometimes the scale is a little larger so that the detail can be appreciated. 

Instagram is the usual place I showcase my current projects so follow me over the there to keep up to date. I am able to undertake custom orders however I only offer a limited number of slots each month. If you have an idea but are unsure of specific details get in touch and I can advise you further. 

Prices vary depending on the size design details. For example a small tea and biscuit frame will cost £10 up to £50 for a dresser filled with cakes. 

Tea and Biscuit Frames

These are small tea and biscuit frames which are perfect for sitting on a shelf or hanging on a wall. The frames are made from an acrylic plastic.

Kitchen 3d frame

This is a medium sized frame which is 6 inches square. Made with dollshouse miniatures and handmade food items by myself. 

Kitchen Dresser

Close up detail of the cakes that I've made for this dresser. Each one has been made to replicate and afternoon tea with chocolate and strawberry treats, a carrot cake and an iced sponge cake.