Selling to the EU after 1 July 2021

Major changes with regards to the EU Value Added Tax (VAT) are coming to businesses selling goods to customers located in the EU. The changes will take effect on 1 July 2021. 

As of 1 July 2021 

  • All goods sold or sent from a business in the UK and delivered to a customer in an EU country will be liable for VAT
  • The VAT amount applicable is subject to the local rate of VAT of the customer's delivery country.
  • Goods to a value of up tp €150   -   VAT,  formal clearance and customs clearance fee
  • Goods over €150   -  VAT, customs duties, formal clearance and customs clearance fee

I don't have a lot of orders to Europe and the additonal paperwork at this point in time outweighs the orders I recieve.  Etsy as on onine marketplace automatically collects the VAT from you the buyer and sends it to the local tax authorities but I don't have my full inventory on there. 

So if you are based in the EU message me (email/DM/messenger etc) your order.  You can also use the get in touch page. Please bear in mind that the prices on the website do not include VAT. 

I will then set up a custom listing on Etsy in order for you to pay. If the total price (goods +postage + VAT is acceptable, checkout and your goods will be sent to you) If after considering all the charges the total price is unacceptable then contact me to cancel the order. 

At this point in time I don't see an easier way of doing things but I'm always open to suggestions. 




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16 June 2021