12 Days of Stitch Makers Calendar FAQ


I thought I'd do a quick FAQ about my calendar as there are often messages or queries that are raised about it.  On the right is a selection of stitch markers that were included in the 2019 countdown. 

Link to listings for this years calendar

What is it?

The 12 Days of Stitch Marker Countown Calendar is a collection of 15 stitch markers that is designed to be opened in the run up to Christmas. All the stitch markers have been handmade by me from polymer clay and there maybe the inclusion of other miniature ceramics to compliment the collection. 

What are the options?  For 2021 there are 2 options:

  1. Christmas - a selection of sweet and savoury themed polymer  clay beads with a winter or Christmas feel to them.  There will be favourites such as Christmas pudding, cake and gingerbread men.
  2. Pick and mix - this will be a selection of sweet and savoury themed polymer clay food. Some will be my popular stitch markers others will be made for this countdown. If you have any particular requirements such as wanting 1/2 Christmas and 1/2 food choose this option.  

It's only April, I'm not sure if I want one yet?

The Countdown Calendars go on sale at the beginning of April and will stay on sale until they sell out. You can always choose the buy now, pay later option but if you change your mind and decide not to have one then contact me as soon as possible so I can offer it for general sale. I will send an invoice at the beginning of September asking for payment and you have until 1st October to pay.  If you need more time or there are any problems let me know.

That's a bit expensive can I pay in installments?

Last year I tried paypal for installments and to be honest is was a bit fo a nightmare. I can do monthly installments through bank transfer - if you want to do this it will be 4 equal installents due the 1st July, 1st August, 1st September and the final payment due on the 1st October. 

I've changed my mind what do I do? 

If you have changed your mind - let me know.  If you have paid then I'll happily refund any payments made. You can contact me at [email protected] Or email me to cancel. 

When will I recieve my Calendar? 

The postal system is a mess around Christmas so I aim to send out all your packages from the middle of October. Overseas packages will be sent first followed by the others over the following weeks. You will be sent a despatch email informing you that it is on it's way.