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  1. Miniature food art frames

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    If you follow me on instagram you'll know I've been hard at work making lots of things along with being rubbish at writing anything on this blog ! 

    I'll repeat the information here if it helps anyone. 


    A few people have asked about purchasing them. I'm hoping to do an update in August with all the frames I have made, (and a couple of them will be going into the Cardiff Creative Shop) but if you have your eye on a particular one let me know and I can do a PayPal invoice for you. For example this frame is £35 plus postage and I can do a payment plan if that's easier than paying all in one go.

    I have ordered more counters for the cake one with bunting. These are priced at £50 plus postage.


    I can also possibly/probably customise them to some extent with cakes of your choice so if you're thinking of gifts, Christmas, birthday the more time I have the better. As I really haven't thought this bit through and is very time dependant it could be I offer so many slots and then close my books to custom orders as as usual the day job normally gets in the way of the fun stuff. 

    The easiest thing to do if you have any questions, queries or ideas is to message me and I can give you help you fiurther. 


  2. Newest makes

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    I have a very long to do list. It's a never ending list as a get ideas and jot them down and at some point down the line I make them. One of the things with dollhouses is that a lot of it is hidden away - so I made a few frames to hang on the kitchen wall. They are lovely but I think a bit specialised, so the idea came to me to use larger cakes in a frame which would I hope have a wider appeal. 20170429_161736

    This is the first design that I've finished and I'm happy with. OK the angle cake slice looks a bit very bright in the yellow department and the biscuit a little pale, and I didn't line things up straight. But overall you get the idea. :)