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  1. I have a very long to do list. It's a never ending list as a get ideas and jot them down and at some point down the line I make them. One of the things with dollhouses is that a lot of it is hidden away - so I made a few frames to hang on the kitchen wall. They are lovely but I think a bit specialised, so the idea came to me to use larger cakes in a frame which would I hope have a wider appeal. 20170429_161736

    This is the first design that I've finished and I'm happy with. OK the angle cake slice looks a bit very bright in the yellow department and the biscuit a little pale, and I didn't line things up straight. But overall you get the idea. :)



  2.  il_570xN.1048148779_6ilu Craft Fairs 2017

    18th June Summer Contempary Market, Paget Rooms, Penarth. 11am - 5.30pm

    24th June Tabernacle Church, The Hayes, Cardiff. 10am - 4pm

    14th-16th July On The Fringe in Landsea Square at the Cardiif Food and Drink Festival, Cardiff Bay 10am-5.30pm

    19th November Christmas Contempary Market, Paget Rooms, Penarth. 11am - 5.30pm