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  1. I've had a great time being out and about meeting people and selling at the various fairs I've been to. Even with the rain it didn't deter people from coming out enjoying the typical Welsh summer weather. 

    But now it's full on Christmas preparation and making some things on that never ending to do list! 

  2. As with most things I'm really behind on keeping this blog updated with what's going on. I have lots of ideas, a day job, a fat cat and only 24 hours in the day!

    I have a stall at the On the Fringe craft fair at the Food and Drink Festival in Cardiff Bay on the 14,15,16 of July. I'm going to be there with a range of jewellery and craft items as well as some doll house miniature food items. Come along and say hello if you are in the area. 

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    I've started working with resin and making some pendants. If you follow me on instagram you know the results have been mixed but as it's something new I think I can safely say I'm still experimenting and learning a lot along the way. 

    I'm also hoping to be working on some Christmas things in the very near future, I've ordered clay and as soon as I get that I'll be making a new christmas themed needle minder, similar to the very popular cake one but with more glitter.