About Me

Hello! I'm Cheryl and I am the designer, maker and cake lover behind Chapel view crafts. It started with a dolls house and the idea I could make some of my own accessories. In one of the magazines I bought were articles about making food from polymer clay so I bought some and started making my own cakes and veg. Then the internet came along and I started making a few things to sell online. Looking back I wonder how anybody ever found me as there was no social media and I sold most things through ebay, but considered it a hobby that enabled me a few treats rather than a business. After selling for a few years I took a break in 2009 to do some other things including compiling my family tree. 

Towards the end of 2015 I started crafting again and making dolls house food along with other things such as stitch markers and needle minders. I started putting my dolls house food into frames to create art pieces and trying to show that anyone can appreciate the detail of miniature food without needing to buy a dolls house. I now concentrate on a core range of pictures, stitch markers, keyrings and earrings all with a food theme.