Welcome To Chapel View Crafts

If you are looking for unusual and unique pieces of art to put on your wall or shelves at home then have a look at my range of miniature food art frames. From a cup of tea and slice of cake to larger more intricate pieces with a picnic, buffet or complete afternoon tea there is a quirky charm in every piece.  Each piece of miniature food is handmade in detail before placing in the frame. Perfect for the person who is hard to buy for these can be hung on a wall or as the frames are chunky can be placed on a shelf. 

I also make a range of knitting and crochet markers which are made to a high standard that are also food themed. These markers are useful when knitting where counting is needed for repeat patterns or remembering where to increase and decrease in a pattern. 

My etsy shop has a full range of items currently available Click here. 

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